I always encourage my clients to train in a pair or groups as it has been proven to get the results for a happier and healthier you!

Working out with a friend can make the gym so much more enjoyable.

finding the motivation to attend your 6am bootcamp knowing your friend is there, pushing through the last set of squats after your buddy has just completed it or pushing yourself to keep going when you usually wouldn’t. There is definitely truth in the power of working out in a group. So, what is it about exercising with others that keeps us on track?

Below are my top benefits of working out with a friend.

1. You push yourself further. We often hear “change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone”. This is very true having a buddy with you adds that extra push you might need to keep going during a tough workout.

2. You don’t skip out on workouts! Scheduling a workout with a friend holds you accountable for turning up and on time!

3. You may try new exercises. Too scared to try something by yourself! Totally understandable. Having a friend to help boost confidence levels and also aids as a spotter allows you to progress further in the gym.

4. Form new friendships! I myself have formed many new friendships through the gym its really cool when you can bond over, you’re interest in fitness.

Okay cool so all these benefits are great! But what about when all your friends aren’t interested in working out? Surprisingly or not at your local gym I can guarantee that there will be so many others in the same position wanting to find someone to workout with. Go talk to people. Start a conversation about what they may be training that day and lead on to suggesting a joint workout. I get that isn’t everyone’s style so why not use social media? Post on your Instagram asking your followers if they are keen for a workout. It just takes that one person to step out to potentially create an awesome platform for a new friendship.

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