Shan is an awesome trainer! I’m super fortunate, she keeps training fun and so much variety. Without her being the best PT I wouldn’t have looked remotely close to what I wanted on my wedding day !!! Thank you 


Have the best PT in town! Thanks for always adapting my plans to how I want them but still making sure I work my butt off at the same time . Thanks for helping me smash goals!! 


I have done two boot camps with Shan and they are awesome! She was so good with feedback on technique in a group environment and pushes you in such a supportive way. Worth it!!


Shannon is an amazing trainer. Dedicated to working out with you at the crack of dawn or even change it up by doing hiit outdoors. Thanks for the awesome trains!!!!


Shannon is an absolute one of a kind awesome. She is passionate about health and fitness and such a motivating power source. Her dedication and detailed focus on my PT sessions is second to none. I really look forward to my PT sessions with her.

Due to rave reviews about Shannon Lloyd from my daughter, I hesitatingly decided that at 57 years old, very overweight and unfit, I would join a gym. Shannon was kind and understanding from the very beginning. She assessed my fitness level (low!) and pushed me to work hard, but always pitched the exercises at the right level for me. She has been incredibly flexible when giving me workouts that won’t affect my knee if it’s sore. 

I often feel that part of Shannon’s job is to be a cheerleader, encouraging me and making me realise that I can do more than I think. She often points out how much stronger and fitter I am and checks in on my weight, measurements and food plan as I continue to lose more weight.

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, Shannon quickly set up small group Zoom workouts for 45 mins 1-2 times per day. These were always well organised sessions, not needing any special equipment. She was able to give alternative exercises for people who needed them. 

Apart from being a great trainer, Shannon is just a gorgeous, kind person who I always look forward to spending an hour with as I sweat it out at the gym.