"Shred It" is a guide I have designed to target females who want to join a community of women bettering themselves. Shred it will help you to tighten up, in all the right areas, lose body fat, gain strength, gym confidence and leave you feeling fit and healthy. This guide caters to very beginners and an advanced gym goer. You have the choice between the at home version or gym version. 


What’s included:

  • 40 different workouts spread out over the 10 weeks.There is circuit style workout’s, lower body, upper body and cardio workouts. All specifically designed to tighten, tone and shape your body.

  • 24/7 communication with me and video demonstration of the exercises via the SHRED IT Facebook page.

  • As long as you are able to stay in communication with me and follow your plans correctly then you will get the best results possible.

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I absolutely love the shredit guide! It’s so awesome having workouts on hand that I know make me feel the burn but feel amazing! I love the variety on how the workouts are done like the supersets, it’s so easy to want to do them because it’s always different. 

She’s always there for support which is awesome. 

Feeling so much more confident too!

You’re a legend

I have always found it hard to keep at it  at the gym and find a programme that works for me and something that I can stick to. But I was truly amazed after starting Shred it, as it was so easy to follow and had such a good variety so it washy just the same thing everytime. It worked for me so well, it helped me be more consistent at the gym and I have had such great results  from this programme that I didn't think I would be able to achieve! Im definitely going to keep going and would recommend  this to anyone..

Love this program! Shannon really helped me to gain confidence in the gym when I had no idea what to do. It was so much easier to open my phone and all the workouts were there straight away without having to think. At the start of the program I wa so focused on being slimmer but it has turned my ideas around to want to be stronger. Shannon is there to support you 24/7 so you don't feel alone. Definitely recommend.